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Medical treatments

Excellence in Non-Surgical Aesthetic Medicine

At Dermagen clinic, we offer exclusive and safe doctor-only treatments customised just for you. Our skilled and experienced doctors are specialised in treating a variety of skin, body and hair conditions. They can diagnose and offer the latest treatment options for free with any purchase of our services. Get in touch to schedule your consultation today.

Our doctors treat a range of conditions to a high aesthetic standard

Our doctors are skilled at treating spider and varicose veins to prevent aching and swelling as well as improve appearance.


Kill skin cancer cells with the help of Dermagen’s experts who can diagnose and prescribe the right treatment regime for your needs.

PDT - Photodynamic therapy

Dermagen’s expertise in radiofrequency skin excision is a great opportunity to remove raised lesions without scarring.

Scarless mole removal

Full body exams are vital to assess your risk of skin cancer and ensure you stay on top of the checks that keep sun-loving Australians healthy.

Skin cancer checks

Fungal infections in finger and toe nails require an accurate diagnosis and treatment regime that prevents another infection recurring.

Fungal nail treatment

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